Stick-on labels

  • Place your labels on a flat, dry, smooth surface.
  • When applying clothing labels, locate the clothing care label & apply to this flat, smooth surface.
  • Ensure there are no bubbles.
  • Let rest for 24 hours!

All labels should be applied by an adult-these labels, while super fun, are not a toy.

Microwave Safe | Waterproof | Scratch Resistant | Dishwasher Safe

Iron-On Instructions:

  • Remove label from sheet and lay on fabric
  • Place parchment paper from pack over label
  • Heat iron to medium heat (Wool Setting/   ) with no steam
  • Place iron on parchment hold still for 60 seconds
  • Remove iron and parchment


  • Move iron back and forth over parchment
  • Iron directly onto label
  • Iron on high heat (melting the label)
  • Iron on low heat (not allowing label to fuze with fabric)