I was having a conversation with my husband last night about all of the toxins/chemicals loaded into the food we eat.  Childhood obesity is undeniably on the rise, as parents it’s our responsibility to select good foods to nourish our children and educate them as they grow to make good decisions. Everyday though it seems as if a new food is being demonized whilst another is temporarily perched on the pedestal, until, it too is knocked down.

The meat is full of hormones and nitrates, vegetables are coated in pesticides and grown from genetically modified seeds, and gluten is the devil. What are we supposed to eat?!

What Are We Eating?

An article I’d recently read, discussed  how every time we do a load of washing, the microfibers get washed out to sea and ultimately we end up ingesting them in our drinking water.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m actually human anymore or made up of artificial ingredients and will slowly develop into a plastic manikin that can be displayed in a storefront window.  OK…so a little extreme, but you see where I’m going with this.

Health experts tell us that in order to have a healthy, properly functioning, heart healthy body, we must all have a well-rounded diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins and carbohydrates.  And so we fill our grocery carts with peppers in every colour, ample greens, and abundance of fruit:  apples, oranges, peaches, strawberries, etc. and think that we are doing all of the right things.  But am I or am I slowly killing my family?  To be completely honest-I have no idea.

Goodbye Chinese Garlic

A few of the recent staples that have fallen prey in our house are: Olive oil, you shouldn’t use it to cook with and the market has been cornered by the mafia and there is only one brand of pure olive oil left in the world-forget about it! Garlic, world garlic domination belongs to China and is potentially injected with plastics and no longer good to eat!  WHAT?!!!  Coconut Oil is pretty much the gold standard in our house but I’m waiting for the ball to drop and find my first article about how terrible it is.   Happens……every……time.

I won’t even start on the condition of chicken once it has been loaded with antibiotics, stuffed into tiny cages with millions of other poor chickens and some other facts that I can’t really even mention because I find them so disturbing. These are only some of the things I’ve heard out there that may or may not be true (chicken aside), and let’s face it; we can find anything online to support what we want.  It’s understanding what is accurate that is the problem.

There is so much information available about what is healthy and what is not healthy, I find myself so utterly confused that I question every product I put into my grocery cart and ultimately, the mouths of my kiddos.  This week I even found myself researching how to create my own hydroponic garden on my tiny balcony.  This is how much I don’t trust anymore.  It is so hard to know which experts are the right experts or have the right information for us.  We look to the experts because WE are not experts.  And no, I am not an expert-and I may be becoming a little more neurotic each year, but I am a MOM.

So What Do We Eat?

My opinion (and this is just my opinion) is that we have lost the confidence in ourselves.  We don’t trust our own instincts anymore.  Healthy?  What does that mean?  The fact of the matter is this:  you must choose what you feel is right for you and your family.  You can research as much as you want, and listen to others (who almost always have an opinion) but it is ok to trust yourself and the decisions you make for your family’s health.  You can with the wonderful internet, find articles proving eggs are toxic and at the same time those that say we should all be eating 3 a day! Knowledge is power, with this I agree.   We still need to make informed decisions, but at the end of the day you must take a line, make your decisions and be ok with them.

The bottom line is we are all doing the best we can.  Am I under the illusion that from now forward I will no longer worry about the selections I make for my family’s nutritional health?  Absolutely not!  I’m a Mom after all, it’s part of the job description.  But, I AM going to try to give myself some credit and try to be more trusting of my own motherly instincts. 

Be proud of the job you do as a parent, it is still the most difficult and important job you will ever do.  I’m going to take my own advice and give myself a rare pat on the back.  Today I won’t question everything I do, every interaction I have with my children or the choices I make for their health.  Today, I am supermom!  Well, at least for today.

What strategies do you and your family have in place to feel confident about your choices?