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The Dreaded Age Gap -How Far Apart Should You Have Kids?

Making the decision to have kids is monumental but, after you have one, you start thinking about siblings. I know I was a little obsessed about when to have the next one. The first two years after having my first I would probably have bitten your head off if you...

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Healthy? What does that mean?

I was having a conversation with my husband last night about all of the toxins/chemicals loaded into the food we eat.  Childhood obesity is undeniably on the rise, as parents it’s our responsibility to select good foods to nourish our children and educate them as they...

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Becoming a Doer

The Status Quo Throughout the years of my life, I have talked about doing/becoming many, many things.  As a teenager, I talked about becoming a lawyer.  I was going to go to UNBC to study in one of my favourite Canadian provinces located in an area where I could...

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