The Status Quo

Throughout the years of my life, I have talked about doing/becoming many, many things.  As a teenager, I talked about becoming a lawyer.  I was going to go to UNBC to study in one of my favourite Canadian provinces located in an area where I could nurture my great love of the outdoors.  Then I took the first step towards the impassioned study of the law by adding the subject to my grade 11 roster, only to find that it was like participating in an Olympic even just getting through the class without falling asleep. 

So needless to say, the profound career in law never came to fruition.  Instead I attended York University, studied English and dropped out after three years to follow a boy across the country.  I did eventually complete the degree, albeit 20 years later.  This was just one incomplete goal that I set for myself among a list of umpteen unfinished ones including:  running a marathon and writing a life-changing epic novel.  Then something interesting happened.  I grew up and became self-aware.  And as a result, I came to know myself.  And this is what I learned:  I am a good person, I love my family, I love to travel, I enjoy spending time with my friends, I love to read, I love to hike, I adore animals, I love to laugh.  Pretty awesome, right? 

But there was one item on the list of what I learned about myself that left me feeling unsettled:  I start A LOT of well-intentioned projects, but I NEVER finish them—I was a talker but not a doer!  But why?  Why does this person who seems to love all things positive quit before the completion of all big tasks?  There was only one answer I could come up with and that big, fat elephant standing in my way was fear.  Fear of failure, fear of success, it really doesn’t matter what kind of fear it is; it was the one thing about myself that I truly wanted to change.  But how was I to achieve this?  For everyone, the path will be different, but for me it was setting myself a goal and taking it one… step… at… a… time.  The goal this time was a biggy!  My own business.  Eeek! 

The Doing

This is something I have always wanted to achieve because another thing that I love is business–so why not be in business for myself instead of for someone else?  So I decided:  this will be the great task that I will not walk away from!  I raised my mighty fists (figuratively of course) and powered through.  Was I afraid?  Yes, I was, but this time, the fear of leaving yet another thing unfinished was greater.  The first step was the easiest; finding the right support in the form of a partner/superwoman.  Felicity Ulmer, you are the power pellet in this Pac-Man game!  Together we have run a (figurative) marathon, learned about the law (of running a business) and written a novel’s worth of emails to spread the word.  So perhaps not the exact goals I set for myself throughout the years but achieved nonetheless in a bit of a different form. 

And thus, Label Lions was born.  The epic novel, marathon, law degree all wrapped together with one roaring bow; fear and all.   Welcome to the world, Label Lions—you have made me a doer!